Adventure List

I’ve been making lists of goals to accomplish in a year since I turned 24, and even though I never accomplish them all the attempt is rewarding! I found this idea of a longer-term list, a life-list, from Mighty Girl’s Mighty Life List. I love the idea of living intentionally and having big and small adventures to aspire towards, because I know this life goes quickly.

My list is still coming together, but here we go:

Run a half-marathon | Be completely vegan for one month | Start a business | WOOF | Work at a bakery/ tea shop | Participate in a long-term mission trip | Volunteer as a mediator | Be conversant on the following subjects: | Learn SQL | Get paid to design/maintain a website | Invent something | Write a book | Eat on the equivalent of food stamps for one month | Work or volunteer at a farmers market | Organize an event to raise money for a worthwhile cause | Be a mama | Adopt a child | Take yearly family pictures | Practice a different spiritual discipline a month, for 12 months | Take a cooking class | Teach a class | Lose 120 pounds | Write about weight loss | Learn to cook a dish from every country in the world | Visit one of the poles | Protest | Visit Iran | Be conversational in: French, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, German, Mandarin | Take a road trip with my husband | Adopt a dog | Learn to rock climb | Be in a movie | Pay off student loans | Invest in a company | Live in the Mediterranean | Eat at: Chez Panisse, Hen of the Woods, Zuni Cafe, Katz’s Delicatessen, Momofoku, Per Se, | Throw 50 parties | Donate to Kickstarter | Have a project on Kickstarter | Volunteer at a local farm | Go on a silent retreat | Participate in an open mic night | Teach kids about healthy living and eating | Learn to can | Teach some one to read | Chase a tornado | Make an app | Learn to cut hair | Hike the AT | Sell a quilt | Design my own fabric | Stop using plastic in the kitchen | Learn how to take better photos | Sending thank-you cards as a Lenten discipline | Learn CPR | Take a self-defense class | Zipline | Maintain a blog for a year | Teach an online class | Babysit for free | See live performances: Mumford & Sons, Sara Watkins, Adele, The Civil Wars, Pink Martini| Attend music festival | Publish an article | Exhibit a piece of art | Buy from a local artist | Give away something I cherish | Purchase only second hand clothes for one year | Make and sell an original product | Buy a real purse| Be a mentor | Donations instead of gifts for a year | Work at a philanthropic foundation | Run a marathon? | Contribute to a cookbook | Learn to screen print | See the Northern Lights | Complete a triathlon | Contribute a story to StoryCorps |


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