Running out of time!

Per usual, I’m less than two weeks out from my birthday and no where near close to finishing all the goals I planned on. I did get to some more in the last few months:

Try rock climbing
Make an article of clothing
Keep a journal
Participate in public speaking
Get CPR certified
One book each month. I’m behind. Does that count as 12 goals?
The Mama Bear book
Take a French class/find a French-speaking buddy
Make a dish each week from the Zuni Cafe cookbook
Go on a retreat
Write our will
Learn one dance really well
Create a core set of recipes by perfecting 10 of my own dishes
Learn to parallel park
Take an art class. Preferably screen printing.
A goal I’ll tell you about later
Thank you notes as a spiritual practice
Travel far, far away
Plan Service of Blessing for animals, collect for Blue Chip Farm
Learn to cut hair
Have a vegan month this year
Work on online branding by cleaning up my Google search results, developing LinkedIn account, having a more professional blog/website presence
Get rid of all plastic in our kitchen
Take a self-defense class
Spend a month away from Facebook
An article for a blog/website/journal
Throw a “favorites” party

Winter was incredibly stressful this past year. That “secret” goal is one we’ll be (finally) done with at the end of this month, finding a place to live and sustainable employment for this year. As of January, we were completely unclear on where we’d go or what we’d do after my husband transitioned out of his job. After months of searching for opportunities, updating resumes, applying to jobs, feeling lost, and planning to live with family as a back-up plan, I actually got a promotion. 

We’ve been living on the good graces of a wonderful friend while we find a place of our own near my work. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a house or apartment to rent when you have an adorable 50 lb dog. I am looking to finally feeling a bit more settled for a while–and then on to the next adventure!  

This winter was the first time my husband or I faced the possibility of losing independence, in a way, at least since we’ve been married. Lacking a steady income would have meant living with family, using community health services until we found work, and I’m thinking it would have involved borrowing money at some point. The prospect of that made me feel as if we’d be “failing” at being adults; it also helped me recognize how ridiculously blessed we are. To have family that would welcome us. To be able to access services we’d need. To have savings for necessities, at least for a bit. 

It was also energizing to discover the many different opportunities I (and we) applied for. Even in the midst of stress and uncertainty, I found career ideas I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. I remembered why I love the idea of being kind of nomadic–ironically, and idea we’ve accomplished without meaning to the past three years.

And really, this idea I have of being “independent” is never fully true–our world is interconnected, our lives are interconnected, and we can’t live well without others. Perhaps a better word is self-sufficient; I value being able to care for our family on our own, purchasing the items we need and want with our own money, being a person who gives and doesn’t have to receive, and paying what we owe. That feels so American. (I think I need to travel outside the US, soon.)

More updates to follow. I’m almost done with my core ten recipes, too–excited about that one!


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