Dogs and a squirrel and this amazing soup

One of my goals this year was to help plan a service of blessing for pets and collect money for our local no-kill animal shelter. The confirmation class I’m helping with put this together for our community, and we had over 20 dogs and a (domesticated!?) squirrel come by for a blessing. ImageI got to pet a squirrel! I feel like I should put that on my life goals list just so I can cross it back off. Who gets to pet a squirrel without getting bitten or contracting a disease?

ImageAnd this little lady was too cute not to share. Actually, all the dogs are too cute not to share.

We raised $160 for the local shelter and got to talk to fellow animal-lovers in our community. Wonderful day. 

On a completely unrelated note, I must learn how to make this stew. I ate it this weekend and it was fabulous–tomato, garlic, probably loads of butter/oil, herbs, and seafood. Oh my.


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