Thanks, winter.

I started sewing a little over two years ago, through the combined efforts of my mama-in-law teaching me to quilt (and loaning me her beast of a sewing machine) and my mama giving me her fabric collection and quilting accouterments.

In the midst of what feels like an endless winter of snow, cold, and not feeling well (Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe anyone?), I have expanded my sewing boundaries a bit. Compared to curling up with multiple episodes of The West Wing, creating useful, beautiful stuff makes me feel a bit more accomplished on snowy days.

Recently I finished up this table runner for my stepmama,

Table runner

This quilt for my brother in his fraternity colors,

ZigZag Quilt

and a potholder for my mama-in-law. I actually made several potholders, but I’ll spare you the pictures–they are cute and square. Kind of like this one.


I also made this curtain for our kitchen several months ago, but I wanted to share because I love this Laura Gunn fabric.


Actually I think I might love all Laura Gunn fabric.

I’m pretty proud of that quilt because it is the first time I attempted stippling an entire quilt. First and last time, maybe. Free motion quilting is complicated.

I’m trying to finish up another quilt this week–I’ve had the quilt top finished since Thanksgiving!-for my grandmother. I am hoping my next project will be a shirtdress, which I’ve had the pattern and material for almost since last Easter. Goodness. Talk about stretching my sewing boundaries–I’m not confident that will finished before next winter.


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