So far of my 28 goals for this year, I’ve gotten to:

Try rock climbing
Make an article of clothing
Keep a journal
Participate in public speaking
Get CPR certified
One book each month. I’m behind. Does that count as 12 goals?
The Mama Bear book
Take a French class/find a French-speaking buddy
Make a dish each week from the Zuni Cafe cookbook
Go on a retreat
Write our will
Learn one dance really well
Create a core set of recipes by perfecting 10 of my own dishes
Learn to parallel park
Take an art class. Preferably screen printing.
A goal I’ll tell you about later
Thank you notes as a spiritual practice
Travel far, far away
Plan Service of Blessing for animals, collect for Blue Chip Farm
Learn to cut hair
Have a vegan month this year
Work on online branding by cleaning up my Google search results, developing LinkedIn account, having a more professional blog/website presence
Get rid of all plastic in our kitchen
Take a self-defense class
Spend a month away from Facebook
An article for a blog/website/journal
Throw a “favorites” party

The art “class” was actually a scarf dyeing workshop at my church, not a screen printing class…still on the hunt for one of those. Scarf dyeing is fun and relaxing, and it has beautiful results!

Scarf Dyeing

The blue one is my mama-in-law’s scarf, and the reddish one on the end is mine. We were scarf dyeing machines and made two more before the class ended.

I also (pretty successfully) cut my husband’s hair! Hello there, handsome husband.








The before pic is actually from a few months ago, when we were in Vermont and it wasn’t 2 degrees outside and the trees had beautiful leaves (sorry, tangent), but his hair was at least that long when I cut it. I found a great online tutorial that helped it happen.

I’m thankful I’ve gotten to have some creative space lately. I’m looking forward to keeping on with this and different disciplines in the coming month.

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