Each year since I’ve turned 24, I’ve made a list of goals for my next year. I never get through them all, but I appreciate taking the time to be intentional–reflecting on how the past year went, imagining what I’d like to accomplish in the next year. Instead of listing an assortment of random goals, this year I’m hoping to be a bit more focused. I want to make small steps towards living fully and abundantly, as I understand it. So this year living intentionally will involve: cultivating healthy practices, making space for creativity, focusing on others, reading more than online articles and blogs, writing, doing some things that scare me, improving my cooking skills, and being more prepared.

28 Practices for 28

  1. Healthy practices and do something that scares me–Try rock climbing
  2. Make space for creativity–Make an article of clothing
  3. Write, and cultivate spiritual health–Keep a journal
  4. Do something that scares me–Participate in public speaking
  5. Be more prepared and focus on others–Get CPR certified
  6. Read–One book each month. I’m behind. Does that count as 12 goals?
  7. Write–The Mama Bear book
  8. Be prepared–Take a French class/find a French-speaking buddy
  9. Improve and expand my cooking skills–make a dish each week from the Zuni Cafe cookbook
  10. Focus on others–Volunteer
  11. Cultivate spiritual health–Go on a retreat
  12. Be more prepared–Write our will
  13. Healthy practices-Learn one dance really well
  14. Improve cooking skills–create a core set of recipes by perfecting 10 of my own dishes
  15. Be more prepared–Learn to parallel park
  16. Make space for creativity–Take an art class. Preferably screen printing.
  17. Do something that scares me. Not sharing this one yet.
  18. Focus on others and cultivate spiritual health–thank you notes as a spiritual practice
  19. Do something that scares me–travel far, far away
  20. Focus on others–Plan Service of Blessing for animals, collect for Blue Chip Farm
  21. Make space for creativity and Be more prepared–learn to cut hair
  22. Cultivate health and improve cooking skills–have a vegan month this year
  23. Be more prepared–work on online branding by cleaning up my Google search results, developing LinkedIn account, having a more professional blog/website presence
  24. Cultivate health–Get rid of all plastic in our kitchen
  25. Be more prepared–Take a self-defense class
  26. Cultivate health and focus on others–spend a month away from Facebook
  27. Write and do something that scares me–An article for a blog/website/journal
  28. Make space for creativity–Throw a “favorites” party

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