Fun, or lack thereof

My husband and I were recently lamenting how trying to be grown up (ie, have a job, walk dogs, keep house semi-respectable, clothe and feed yourself) seems to come along with all these things I associate with being boring. Like going to bed early, spending free-time doing chores, and lacking fun.

That last one has been getting to me lately. I have trouble remembering when I recently did something just for the pure joy of doing it. Dogs need to have walks, holding a job means having responsibilities and a schedule, housework must be done if we want a liveable space, running has to be done on time because I committed to a training schedule…and so on.

I think in part I need a shift in perspective, because clearly life is beautifully full- maybe I just need to refocus and find “fun” in the everyday. But I also think that when everything starts feeling like a commitment, a have-to, a responsibility–I probably need to listen to that, and find some better balance.



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