Good surprise

I ran a 5-mile race with my wonderful in-laws on Sunday morning, which was a) long and b) hot.  I’m proud because I ran the whole darn thing, felt like giving up 3 times (and talked myself out of it), and I ran a 9:44 mile.  That’s super speedy for me!

There was celebrating all around since we all finished in good time, but there was a great surprise at the end–my mama-in-law and I both placed in our age groups! That’s a first for both of us.

Full disclosure is that there was only one other person in my age group, but hey, I’m still celebrating. I’m mostly proud that I ran faster than usual over more miles than usual–and it’s pretty sweet to have a medal to remember it by!

Next up is this beautiful/challenging/hope we make it to the finish line run, with my mama-in-law. I’m so thankful to have wonderful running buddies and a body that works well enough to run!  Peace, friends.


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