Being still

I recently realized my Google reader consisted entirely of cooking and quilting blogs, so I started following some career/leadership/entrepreneurial blogs.  They’re fresh, forward-thinking, and have some great career advice. They also have some daunting information about how quickly the world (and working in it) is changing–chaotic career paths, frequent job changes, types of skills needed for that kind of uncertainty.  None of it is new information, exactly, but as someone looking for jobs and figuring out how on earth to use  my skills and education here it’s, um, something to wrap my brain around.

At best that chaos is exhilarating, full of potential and creativity.  Space to do a new thing.  But mostly it just makes me feel frenetic.  What skills am I missing? What should I do to be more marketable? How do you prepare for the next thing, if you don’t know what it is? Why don’t I have a Twitter account yet?

Whew. How do you stay centered in the midst of that kind of chaos, change, and uncertainty?  Our culture doesn’t value stillness or rest, really. It looks unproductive.

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