I’m at a posh little coffee shop writing this.  So far it’s my favorite thing about this area.  I’ve moved 2 times in the last 13 months.  I loved living in Washington, DC–the proximity to politics, academia, museums, diversity, lectures, my job, delicious food, Trader Joe’s, businesses open past 7pm, dear friends…that list could go on for a while.  My then-fiance (now husband) got a job located in Central PA, and there we went.

I thought I would hate it. DC to Farmland, PA?  And then there were lovely, welcoming people there, and CSA’s, and Zumba.  And our dear friends came to visit, and it grew on me.  Then just a year later, my husband’s job moved us again. To northeastern PA.

And here we are.  This area has big, beautiful houses and few jobs.  And this posh little coffee shop. So far the weather is dreary and I don’t think there are any CSA’s nearby.  It’s hard not to compare it to Central PA, where we had a yard for the dogs and a garden. Or DC, where we had excitement and friends.

Moving hurts.  I hate leaving places and people that I love. And it takes so much energy to meet new people, learn where things are, look for a new job, learn who I’m going to be in this place.  I know that’s just the negative side of moving, and sometime I’ll probably post about all the adventures and discoveries and newness of moving.  But right now, moving sucks.


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